Restoring Health, Happiness,
and Your Active Lifestyle

We are dedicated to providing the most technically advanced surgical techniques and non-surgical wisdom to restore health, happiness, and the pursuit of sport.

Our mission is to improve the patient's quality of life using the safest, most reliable, and least intrusive methods possible. In addition to dedicating years of study and training to the field of Orthopaedics, Dr. Lurate and Dr. Marshall continue to devote considerable time studying the latest methods or surgical reconstruction with a special emphasis on minimally invasive techniques. Applying minimally invasive techniques of reconstruction to such areas as the shoulder, knee, and spine, means our patients often have a quicker, more satisfying recovery.

Of course, not everyone needs or wants surgery. In many cases, our role is to accurately make the diagnosis and provide the patient with treatment options based on the latest scientifically validated research. We have the insight that only comes with the considerable effort to stay current with the latest research. For example, many surgical procedures once thought indispensable have been shown to be unnecessary, or in some cases, even detrimental. A thorough knowledge of the condition can frequently prevent unnecessary surgery.

R. Barry Lurate, M.D.


Jason J. Marshall, M.D.

Hospital Affiliations

  • Sacred Heart Hospital
  • Baptist / Gulf Breeze Hospital
  • West Florida Hospital

Surgical Centers

  • Pace Surgical Center


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